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How can you benefit from contractors?

Avoid bottlenecks caused by hard to fill permanent vacancies
Fill gaps in your project schedules
Assist your existing workforce
Less costs and admin time
Straight to work with zero / minimal training required
Extra resources brought in to help avoid killer crunch periods!

Since 1989 we've established ourselves as one of the UK's leading specialist games industry recruiters.

Our video games contracting division was set up in 2008 in response to the growing demand for more workforce flexibility within games development studios. Larger teams needed for the latest generation of console games has had a massive impact on budget sizes and running costs for studios. Funding a studio full of permanent staff throughout the lifecycle of a project (and between projects) has proved too much for developers.

The solution for many has been to move towards a "Hollywood" inspired development model, with a core of permanent staff supplemented at key times by contractors. Typically the contract lengths range from three months to twelve months, although shorter or longer durations can be catered for. Contractors can either work in-house or remotely, depending on requirements.


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