Recruitment Methods

What can we do for you?

There's flexibility in the type of service we can provide. Individual recruitment assignments involve one, or a combination, of the below methods.

But, be aware - like most things in life - you get what you pay for!

If you want a basic service - maybe just a database search to see if there's anybody suitable out there and on the market, no problem, we'll charge a basic fee for this service. But if your vacancy is harder to fill, it will require more time and resources for us to produce the quality and quantity of candidates you need. You may have to pay a little more so we can work longer and harder on the search and achieve the desired result.

A common mistake made by companies when dealing with recruiters is thinking that demanding a low fee from agencies and getting them to agree is a great deal. In reality, what happens is that agencies accept the vacancies at a low fee then prioritise other clients who are paying higher fees, leaving your vacancies not worked and your roles unfilled.

Bear this in mind when looking at the below options - and let's agree a recruitment strategy and a fee that allows us to do the work necessary to deliver a great service.

So where do we start?

To understand what it's going to take to fill your vacancy, we need to start with a consultation (a good chat!). We prefer this to be face to face but we appreciate time can be tight - but over the phone is ok also.


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