Ian Goodall

Managing Director

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First and foremost, I'm a Games recruiter. I have been for most of my professional career. I love the games industry and the people in it. But I've been lucky. My career at Aardvark has led me into Toys and now into the Licensing sector. I've learned that these are also fantastic industries full of passionate, highly skilled and fun people.

The recruitment industry's changed dramatically since I joined it. The changes have brought many new challenges but also some great opportunities! I love the challenge as much now as I did when I started here in January 2000.

I've worked for over 15 years at Aardvark, many as a recruiter, served several more as a board member, then bought the company outright in 2012.

I'm very hands on, and I want to be. I stay close to the market. I work vacancies with my team, visit clients and attend trade events. But I also focus on recruiting/training my team and manage the sales and marketing efforts for the whole business. 

I'm driven and ambitious. My plans for Aardvark reflect this. My team is very important to me. I know Aardvark is only as good as it's Consultants and its staff - so we train hard and use the leading techniques and technology to deliver the best service we can. Our aim is to work hard and then party hard! Hopefully we get the balance right.  Any recruiters that fancy joining us - let me know. I always want to recruit good people.

I'm a keen runner, (marathon - 4.06, half marathon 1.43) a daily visitor to the gym, a golfer, and generally just an outdoors person. My missis and my little girl keep my "man time" to a minimum but I manage to squeeze some games in as well. Just wish my real life handicap was as good as on Tiger Woods...


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