Crytek - Case Study.

Crytek, the world leading studio in Germany approached us about a confidential hire that was of paramount importance. They were looking for a new Technical Director, to lead a AAA team and needed someone who was world class, quickly.

Our Programming Consultant got to work on the role.

Activity/Process followed:

Spoke to the hiring manager – This allowed us to understand the requirements that were beyond the technical experience, they needed someone who was hands on and a great team fit. She also understood more about the project, allowing her to really sell this opportunity.

Database Search – for suitable candidates actively seeking a new role and also mining this for referrals.

Passive Candidate Search – via Linked In, Facebook, other Social Media networking

Headhunting – For the very difficult to fill roles – Approaching suitable candidates at competitor companies

She contacted over 100 candidates, both through the database and other methods.

After careful screening of candidates, to ensure only the highest quality CV’s were submitted to Crytek.

5 CV’s were delivered for the role, within 2 weeks of receiving the job specifications.

5 1st stage interviews showing the quality of the candidates.

2 second stage interviews.

Our candidate was offered and accepted the position of Technical Director.


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