Dreamslair - Case Study.

Dreamslair Entertainment

DreamsLair Entertainment is a social entertainment company that creates social games and applications for social networks and mobile devices that facilitate information sharing. The company was founded in 2009, based on the idea of creating a new kind of MMORPG engine, and is based in Bari, Italy.


Dreamslair were looking to expand their team with the recruitment of an experienced Product Manager with proven background in online / social games.


Recruitment Brief

With Product Managers such as this being in high demand and the location of the client not being favourable to a large local candidate pool, Simon ensured that he discussed the role thoroughly with the HR & Studio Managers. He was able to gain a detailed brief on the profile of the desired candidate, key information on KSPs of the studio / location, whilst also managing the expectations of the clients as to the number of applications they were likely to see due to the nature of the search.

Recruitment Plan

Simon put together a detailed recruitment plan which he presented to the client. The plan included the following information:

-          Possible candidate sources

-          Size of the potential candidate pool

-          An outline of the recruitment procedure

-          Details of targets for shortlist CVs

From this plan and further negotiation, Simon was able to agree to an upfront retainer which amounted to 1/3 of the potential placement fee.


The Search

Over 50 candidates were then approached using the following methods / sources:


-          Database

-          Online Job postings,, etc

-          Candidate Referrals from existing candidates in relevant studios

-          Social Media Linkedin, Plaxo, Facebook, etc

-          Direct Search Concentrating on specified target Social / Online Games companies within Europe only (in order to meet the timeframes briefed upon)

Candidate Submissions


After careful screening of candidates, to ensure only the highest quality CVs were submitted to Dreamslair:


-          3 CVs were delivered for the role, within 2 weeks of sign-off of the recruitment plan

-          2 1st stage interviews - showing the quality of the candidates

-          1 second stage interviews

Our candidate was offered and accepted the position of Product Manager


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