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Steven Ė Programmer

I've been working with Aardvark Swift for a number of years. When I graduated from my degree in games programming I got in contact with Aardvark. They helped me sort out my CV and set me up with a number of graduate job opportunities around the UK. Working in the games industry had been a dream of mine from an early age and I really felt like Aardvark were the best company to help me fulfil this ambition. I found them to be friendly and pro-active in finding me opportunities within not only some of the leading companies in the industry, but also smaller companies I hadn't heard of and wouldn't have thought to contact myself.

After a number of attempts to get that all-important first job in the games industry, I found that it was my skills that were possibly lacking so I decided to go back to University to complete a post-graduate course. When coming to the end of the course I was still in contact with Hollie and Aardvark Swift. They arranged an interview for me with a small start-up company in Liverpool. It was great that they hadnít forgotten about me - and they were genuinely interested in finding the job that was right for me!

Aardvark Swift found me a great job I would have never discovered without them. Hollie also helped me through interview preparation and even travel arrangements. Making sure I got to the interview feeling confident and well prepared, which is one of the major reasons I succeeded in getting the job. I feel like Aardvark have helped me enormously, every step of the way in achieving a life-long ambition. They go above and beyond my expectations of what a recruitment agency should do and Iím grateful for their help. 


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