Why should I use an Agency?

We're a specialist niche recruiter. It's our job to know the market and keep fully up to date with which companies are looking for staff and where the best opportunities are likely to be. Importantly we also know the decision makers in those companies, we can help ensure your CV gets to the right person, and can speak with them to stress how perfect you are for their vacancy!

Should I register with more than one Agency?

If you're a strong candidate there should be no need to register with numerous agencies. It is far better to work closely with one or two reputable names. This lets you keep control of where your CV is being sent which is very important in a niche sectors. If your CV goes via several sources to the same company it can reflect badly on your application, and implies that you might be just randomly firing off your CV to any company you can think of. If they receive a single, well researched, approach by a reputable agency, this can actually add weight to your application. Make sure you work with agencies that are open and honest about who they are approaching on your behalf.

How much do you charge?

Using our service is confidential and free of charge - even when we find a job for you. This is because the employer pays us a pre-agreed introductory fee for our service. They offset this cost by spending less time on trying to source candidates direct and by saving money on job adverts etc. So why not utilise the experience and expertise we have built over the years?

When I see vacancies that interest me on your website, who should I contact?

Each vacancy has a reference code, which automatically routes your inquiry to one or more consultant. In addition the name of the consultant managing that particular vacancy is highlighted under the vacancy itself.

I'm looking for a job, but don't see a vacancy to suit me

Keep in mind that whilst our vacancy listings highlight some of our opportunities, - it is not an exhaustive listing; some of our clients ask us not to advertise their vacancies publicly, so if you don't see what you're seeking whilst browsing, we would still like to hear from you!

Even if we aren't aware of an opportunity right now, send your CV and just let us know exactly what it is you're seeking and we'll discuss potential target companies, or make contact when an appropriate vacancy arises (due to our range of contacts this is normally sooner than most people expect!).

If you want to have access to the widest range of opportunities possible, send your CV now and enlist the assistance of a specialist. Be assured that your CV won't be sent anywhere without your permission.

How hard is it to gain entry into the Games industry without any experience?

It can be difficult, but possible, especially if you study the advice we've provided on this site to make your application as strong as possible and persist!!!

If you are a passionate gamer and have a solid educational background this will undoubtedly assist, but you will often have to be prepared to start at the bottom. For certain positions, formal qualifications will be essential whether you want to work in Sales, Marketing, PR or as an Artist or Programmer. If you're a keen graduate then many games companies will consider your application very favourably. If you are experienced in another industry then it may be possible to transfer these skills.

The first step you should take is to forward your CV to the relevant consultant and allow us to advise you on the next step and how to maximise your chances of success. As the longest established games agency in the UK we've helped more people enter this sector and obtain the infamous "foot in the door" than any other recruiter. Many people who now operate at a senior level in the industry were assisted by us as newly qualified graduates in the early 90's. This is one of the main reasons that we have access to many exclusive vacancies across all levels in the industry.

How often should I contact you?

It very much depends on what stage you're at in your job search - if you're unsure when you should expect to hear from us, or how often you should call, then feel free to speak to one of our consultants and ask! Remember, our job (and the way we get paid!) is to fill openings for our clients. If we have a job that you may be a fit for, we'll be on the phone with you immediately!

During the interview process, how long it takes to get feedback or to move from one step to the next depends on the client and the situation. How urgent is the need? Who is an integral part of the process and is on vacation/otherwise unavailable? Unfortunately most interview processes do not move as quickly as anyone would like simply because there are so many people and variables involved.

There's no need to call your recruiter daily - when we have news, we'll call you! There's nothing we want more than to fill a position. We do what we can to keep the interview process moving forward, and at the same time we must walk a fine line as we do not want to irritate our clients.

That said, you should also be proactive. Regularly monitor our web site and whenever you see a vacancy of interest inform your consultant who will ensure that your details are submitted to the appropriate company if relevant. In addition to this, we have a weekly newsletter which sends details of new opportunities matching your requirements in terms of role and location - ask your consultant to check that you're signed up for this, and that your details are correct!!


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If you are not sure which consultant to submit your CV to, please forward it to cv@aswift.com.