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Our media partners for the competition are Eurogamer/Gamesindustry.biz and Swan PR


Is the market-leading business community for news and information about the global videogames industry, covering all aspects of the interactive entertainment value chain from development through to retail.

The registration-only site has a significant and qualified global audience, spanning the all parts of the industry value chain, from design, development, publishing, marketing, distribution or retail all the way through to media, freelance and students.

Leading news content, with opinion-forming industry interviews and analysis, are added daily, while the site boasts one of the largest recruitment databases for videogames-related roles, a company directory of contact details for hundreds of businesses in the industry, links to industry bodies and events, and a database of press releases.

Additionally the site delivers daily newsletters to a massive and growing industry audience, and regularly features key figures offering their opinions on the topics of the day, often feeding back on our stories and features."

Swan PR

  A team with a combination more than 70 years of experience in PR and media.

Specialists in all areas of PR, combining modern methods with traditional values.

Award winners in PR, journalism, print, design and broadcast.

Specialists in SEO, Swan PR incorporate SEO into all its PR work. Also offering bespoke SEO for any product or brand looking to manage its online reputation.

We average three appearances in mainstream media per week for our key clients.

For further enquiries contact Harry@swanpr.co.uk and Eric@swanpr.co.uk



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