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Although Search for a Star is organised by the team at Aardvark Swift, we couldn’t run the comp without the help and support we receive from some of the UK games industry’s most respected companies and games developers. Please see below a few details about the people that help us - Thanks guys….!

Our Sponsor…

Microsoft UK – Microsoft works hard with individuals, businesses and with educational institutions in order to inspire the next generation to develop technology, nurture young talent and help young people forge careers in the tech/games industries. They recognise that Search for a Star helps students gain valuable development experience, improves their employability and helps them to get a foot in the door of the games industry. Microsoft UK provide the prizes for the winners and also provided tech support for stage 2. This will help students to become games developers by publishing a game on their Windows 8 platform!

We've involved games studios, technical experts and people that hire graduate games developers every year. This ensures that the students progressing to the final stages of the competition are of a very high standard and possess the skills/attributes that the industry requires.

Our Prize Sponsor...

Gamercamp - Gamer Camp is a finishing school for game developers (coders, artists and producers) from Birmingham City University.

Each year Gamer Camp offer a scholarship to a Search for a Star Finalist to join there Gamer Camp: Nano course.

On Gamer Camp Nano, attendees work in teams over the course of 1 month to develop and publish a game for a smartphone.

Nano is the entry level game development course of the Gamer Camp series, allowing students to use the latest technology to build a working game in a studio environment.

Our Technical experts… 

The tests and game project during the competition are created and marked by Lizi Attwood, Senior Programmer from The Blast Furnace and Greg Booker, Technical Director from Headstrong Games. We’ve also received input on test questions from Exient and Boss Alien.

Our Interview panel…

Includes representatives from UK games studios: Activision (Blast Furnace), Rockstar (Leeds), Sony (Evolution), Exient and Boss Alien.

Please take a look at our partner’s websites to see the projects/games they’re working on:

Microsoft UK -

Microsoft – Imagine Cup –

The Blast Furnace -

Headstrong Games -

Rockstar Leeds -

Sony Evolution -

Exient -

Boss Alien -


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