Ash Petch

Senior Delivery Consultant - Programming

​I'm a proper Yorkshire lad that would lace my Weetabix in Henderson's Relish if it wasn't frowned upon. You will either see me in a local steakhouse eating like a Viking, at the football giving my expert analysis or wondering how Real Madrid haven't given me the 1st team coach role or at the local pub where I morph into Ronnie O'Sullivan

When did you start playing games?
I started playing Hogs of War and Resident Evil when I was around 5

What's your favourite game series?
FIFA has been my go-to game and I have had everyone since 2001

What's your career background?
I began working in Education Recruitment over 7 years ago, since then I have worked in the tech side of recruitment, this is where games recruitment took my interest

Have you ever met anyone famous?
I met Tyson Fury. My first interaction with him was me saying "Oreyt babeh?"

What was your favourite band 10 years ago?
Oasis. Still is to this day, cracking band

Do you collect anything?
Very sad, but I collect some rare collectible coins and old vinyls

Who's your favourite football team?
The most successful club in South Yorkshire, Sheffield Wednesday

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Somewhere hot, by the clear blue sea. An infinity pool and BBQ on the roof would also be required