Chris Redgrave

Recruiter - Programming

​I'm an avid PC Gamer who’s moved up North to work in games after spending the last 3 years recruiting Engineers in London. Originally from the Midlands, my Mum has been a childminder my whole life meaning I enjoyed childhood with 10+ other kids in my house at all times, spending our time connecting Gameboys/DS’s trading Pokémon, Yu-Gi oh cards, or visiting each other's villages on Animal Crossing.

Why do you love playing games?
I started playing games back on the Nintendo 64, Super Mario and Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire are my earliest memory, I grew up in a household of foster siblings / several kids that my mum would care for, making gaming a constant group activity – I loved it, and think it’s the reason for why I am now so competitive.

What's your favourite game series?
Animal Crossing was my favourite childhood series for sure.

What’s your career background?
I have about 3 Years of experience in recruitment, with my key highlights including being promoted three times in a 12-month span in my last role and taking on mentoring responsibilities. I love the process and chaos of trying to juggle 100 things at once – even with the stress it can bring, it’s a good feeling once you start to feel more comfortable with an ever-increasing workload.

What was your first job?
IKEA (The staff canteen was amazing)

What’s your favourite hobby?
Playing Hearthstone or most recently Baldur’s Gate 3, if not then I will be in a deep Youtube video hole watching some strange documentary

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Sheffield, obviously