Joe Sutcliffe

Recruiter - Graduates

Ex-Breakdancer, originally from Doncaster, now of Sheffield, with a hobby in music production and a love of Basketball. I enjoy downhill mountain biking, not so much the uphill!

Favourite Games: GTA San Andreas, GTA 5, NFS Most Wanted

Favourite TV Series: Power, Breaking Bad, Top Boy

Favourite Film: Friday

Favourite Book: Deep Work - Cal Newport

Favourite Band: Anything Hip Hop, RNB, Dancehall, Reggae

How did you get into games as a hobby?

Childhood past time

What’s your career background?

My previous job was medical recruitment, but I have worked in customer services and even spent a few years being a breakdance teacher back in the day; my windmill is still on point and I've been known to run through a few moves on nights out when the persistent badgering from colleagues gets too much!

What do you love about your job?

Working with great people in a great environment and speaking to great people! I love finding an aspiring or junior developer their next or sometimes first ever job in the Games Industry, you're really helping someone on their way in life and that does bring an enormous sense of satisfaction.