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Grads in Games

Game Dev Heroes


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We founded Grads in Games to help to bridge the gap between games industry education and employment in the games industry.

We also created the Search for a Star and Rising Star game dev challenges where students take part in creating a game or game-ready asset to an industry written brief to receive feedback from game devs.

Grads in Games has grown to the point where it is now a standalone, not for profit, Community Interest Company (CIC) run independently from Aardvark Swift.

Find their site here.

As a founding partner of Game Dev Heroes, we provide a platform for game devs to celebrate the achievements of their peers throughout the industry.

Game Dev Heroes shines the spotlight on the unsung heroes of the games industry, so their contributions are recognised, from brilliant developers and resourceful support staff, to inspiring management and positive role models.

Nominations are reviewed by a panel of industry professionals ahead of a presentation event during the Develop:Brighton conference.

Find their site here

​Our Community

Charity Work

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We give back to the local area, helping where we can to improve the lot of the town we call home.

We participate in careers fairs throughout the year with the RNN Group and Thomas Rotherham College and the annual LEAF events at Magna. We regularly host work experience students from local schools and colleges, providing placements with us through the year to help prepare students for life outside of education.

We’re active members of the BGB and Skills sub-group within Rotherham Council, and our MD Ian Goodall is an enterprise advisor for the Rotherham Area.

We like to get involved in charity work, both within and out of the games industry.

Sponsoring and promoting several events throughout the year, including The Light Fund'squiz and golf day and the Moebius Syndromeawareness day.

We've sponsored several GamesAid golf days over the last 15 years and our staff take part in, promote and fundraise for the regular events and activities run by SpecialEffect.

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Women in Games

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Founded by the British Games Institute, and held at Sheffield Hallam University, GamesEd brings together leaders across the games industry and academia, tackling challenges from employability, diversity, skill diversification, apprenticeships, and work placements.

There's a lot of crossover in our objectives and it’s a pleasure to support efforts to improve industry employability that recognises student talent. Aardvark Swift are a key sponsor for the event and a part of the steering committee.

Find their site here

UK Interactive Entertainment (Ukie) is the only trade body for the UK’s games and interactive entertainment industry.

As a not-for-profit they represent businesses of all sizes, from small start-ups to large multinational developers, publishers, and service companies.

As an industry partner and member of Ukie we engage in their initiatives to help promote the UK game dev scene. From their Ukie Hotline, offering actionable advice to studios and developers during times of crisis, to the Video Game Ambassador program, which helps coach the next generation of the industry.

Find their site here

Women in Games helps to promote a positive future for the video game industry, one free of gender discrimination and where equality for all ensures that opportunity is not restricted.

We've had a number of WIGJ Ambassadors within the business over the years and we encourage our female team members to become ambassadors.

Find their site here

​Side Quest

​Gamers Beat Cancer

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Launched by Into Games, Side Quest is a series of lessons and game making challenges aimed at students between the ages of 13-19. With the bi-weekly ‘game jams’ have themes set by UK games studios.

Into Games offer free software, paper-based prototyping tools, and a community of engaged learners to get everyone involved with game making with no coding knowledge required.

Find their site here.

A non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) using video games and technology to enhance the life and mental well-being of people living with the life-threatening illness.

Gamers Beat Cancer was started by Steven Bracewell after his own personal battle with blood cancer. Its directors and board of advisors are dedicated to helping others through their own personal battles.

Through “The Gift of Gaming,” they supply cancer patients and their caregivers with video games and consoles, to help provide a sense of escapism. Find their site here.

​Autistica are the UK’s national autism research charity. They create breakthroughs which enable autistic people to live happier, healthier, and longer lives. Autistica do this by funding research, shaping policy, and working with autistic people to understand their needs.

They also have a dedicated games initiative called Autistica Play, which aims to raise funds and awareness through games whilst also creating a more inclusive games industry.

Find their site here.

Armed Forces Covenant

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We're proud to have signed up to the Armed Forces Covenant, providing employment options for ex-armed forces personnel looking to work in recruitment.

For more information about the Armed Forces Covenant and how your company can lend support visit their site here.