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Recruitment Models

We've been helping games companies fill key positions, expand project teams, and scale as businesses since 1989.

No other games recruiter has been doing it as long or as well as us. We've evolved alongside the industry we serve and in the current climate we recognise the need to do so again.

We've revised our recruitment models to ensure whatever type of hiring requirements you have, we're able to provide the recruitment solution you need.​


Proven recruitment process
Access to key elements of our tech stack via recruitment partner
Studio branded recruitment marketing support with Tier 1
Games industry specialist recruiters
Account Manager with Tier 1
No upfront fee


Use on a role-by-role basis within your F2P agreement & recieve all the free to play benefits
Industry expert recruiter working solely on your project
Small upfront fee & role exclusivity
Discounted success fee


Designed for studios looking to scale
Access to tech stack & candidate database via recruitment partner
Studio-branded recruitment marketing support
Exclusive access to an industry expert recruiter/team working solely on your project
Support from our wider recruitment team
Monthly fee and reduced success fees


Here's what to consider...​​​


No upfront costs with success fee paid when the right candidate is hired
Access to our team of recruitment experts across multiple disciplines
Access to studio-branded marketing support with our Tier 1 agreement
Performance based results, contingency recruiters compensated upon successful hire, aligning their interests directly with the client's


Sits within your existing Free to Play agreement
Typically used for Senior and above assignments
Priority Role – your commitment to exclusivity and an upfront payment gains our full commitment to the role until the right candidate is found
Single Point of Contact - streamlined process with CVs from one source saving time, and establishing a better understanding of your requirements
Exclusive Focus – dedicated industry recruiter in the specific discipline (Code, Art, Design, Production, Animation) will understand your studio, your expectations and how the role impacts your project(s)


The Co-Op model is designed for studios looking to undertake an intense period of recruitment or a sustained hiring plan.
Your talent partner will establish a communication plan and agree an SLA that meets your specifications from the outset.
We'll hold regular reviews with you to analyse progress and refine the recruitment process.
The initial on-site exploration visit and periodical reviews will held with our Recruitment Manager to ensure your expectations are understood and met.
By understanding your studio culture, project parameters and specific role requirements, we would expect your dedicated Recruitment Partner to deliver their first candidate offer four weeks after commencement.

Get in touch to discuss which solution would be the best fit for you...