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Client Testimonials

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  • ​I have had the privilege of working with A for over a year now as the Talent Acquisition Manager at YAGER, and I can say that our partnership has been positive. ASwift consistently demonstrates their commitment to delivering good-quality recruitment services.The quality and quantity of candidates provided by ASwift have met my expectations. They have a good understanding of our specific needs and most candidates presented not only possess the necessary skills and experience but also align with our company culture.ASwift's dedication to finding candidates who are not only technically proficient but also have cultural alignment has been a key strength of our partnership. They take the time to understand our organization and its values, ensuring that most of the candidates they present are not only skilled but also poised to thrive within our unique environment.Speed is of the essence in the competitive world of talent acquisition, and ASwift has consistently delivered on this front as well. Their promptness in providing candidate profiles and facilitating the interview process has expedited our hiring cycles, allowing us to secure a couple of top talent more efficiently. The team is highly responsive and always ready to address any questions or concerns promptly.Overall, our partnership with ASwift has been a resounding positive journey. We have made successful hires through their services, and I look forward to continuing our collaboration

    Fre Machado
    Fre Machado, Talent Acquisition Manager


  • ​As a small indie studio without a dedicated talent acquisition team, we sometimes struggle to find the time to focus on recruitment, or to find the right candidates for the role. Aardvark Swift has been a lifesaver for us when it comes to recruitment. They’ve consistently delivered top talent to our studio, making the hiring process smooth and efficient. Their expertise in finding experienced candidates from the gaming industry is evident, and their dedication to finding the right fit tailored for our team is unmatched. Their recruitment expertise and industry knowledge have filled critical roles that we struggled with for a long time. Partnering with Aardvark Swift has been a game-changer for our studio's growth and success.

    Rob Lennon
    Rob Lennon, Co-Founder

    Riyo Games

  • "Last year was challenging for recruitment and, with a lot of changes happening in the business, and in the industry as a whole, we needed help to support us in developing our team. Over the past 12 months, Aardvark Swift have assisted us in the successful placement of twelve candidates across a range of disciplines including Design, Art, Programming and Production, and at all levels of seniority. We’ve worked with Aardvark Swift for many years and can always rely on them to find a candidate with both the skills we’re looking for, and who is the right person for our team. The Aardvark Swift team are always happy to help and are generous with their time; they are always keen to understand exactly what it is we need and are very responsive to feedback."

    Emma Blenkinsop
    Emma Blenkinsop, Administration Manager

    Coatsink Software Ltd.

  • ​“We enjoy a close and collaborative working partnership with Aardvark Swift. Open and honest two-way dialogue has led to a greater understanding of the Studio’s needs and the candidate/industry landscape resulting in stronger candidate submissions across all roles."

    Helen Haynes
    Helen Haynes, Senior HR Officer

    Deep Silver Dambuster Studios

  • ​“We have been delighted to continue to develop our partnership with Aardvark Swift to support our recruitment needs. They have invested time to deeply understand our business structure and culture, allowing them to ensure the candidates presented are pre-qualified to an extremely high standard. This level of understanding and trust that we have built allows us to work quickly to secure the best talent available in the marketplace and enhance our team’s capability."

    Natalie Leighton
    Natalie Leighton, Head of HR (EMEA)


  • "​We’ve worked with Aardvark Swift for many years now and we have always found them to be efficient, effective, and professional when it comes to helping us recruit. They are understanding and responsive to our specific needs, for example, when we had a particular requirement for several environment artists for short-term contracts Aardvark managed to fill all the positions within a set timeframe which really supported us for the final push in the development of our title."

    Katie Mcfetridge
    Katie Mcfetridge, Recruiter


  • ​"Aardvark Swift have found us developers that have resulted in a substantial and sustained impact on our studio’s growth and structure, from talented graduates through to directors in their respective discipline."

    Duncan Kershaw
    Duncan Kershaw, Production & Business Director

    Ballistic Moon

  • ​“Aardvark Swift have a close working relationship with Steel City Interactive. We’ve made multiple hires with Aardvark, from graduates to seniors, enabling us to ramp up production drastically.”

    Asif Habib
    Asif Habib, Co-Founder

    Steel City Interactive

  • ​"Utilising the expertise of several specialist consultants, Aardvark Swift have made multiple placements across a number of disciplines that have had a crucial impact on Dovetail’s all-round business model and development."

    Fiona Turner
    Fiona Turner, Senior Talent & CSR Executive

    Dovetail Games