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Why Studios Use Aardvark Swift

The 'Aardvark Way' makes us the only recruitment partner you'll need...

We're well connected within the games industry thanks to the networks and relationship's we've built over more than 30 years.

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Four times more likely to find you the right candidate...

The majority of games developers are passive job seekers.

We're able to find you candidates that are not actively looking for a new job thanks to the networks and relationships we've developed with our audience of games industry professionals.

​We're always expanding our reach, building new relationships and maintaining those we already have in place.


Our proven process delivers you the right candidates, on time, every time.


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Two weeks to deliver candidate shortlists on gold & platinum campaigns...

Over 30 years of games industry recruitment experience has been refined into our proven process. We like to call this process, 'The Aardvark Way'.

This nine step process allows us to deliver you a candidate shortlist in two weeks.

For a breakdown of 'The Aardvark Way' click here.

We find you candidates that fit the role, your studio culture and even specific projects.

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92% retention rate...

We understand the key elements of candidate suitability, because of this 92% of our placements are still in place 12 months after their start date.

We take the time to understand the subtleties of the role you're hiring for and the impact it has on your studio.

​We get to know your studio culture and the projects your studio is working on.

​This allows us to find you candidates that fit the role, your studio culture and even specific projects.


We've got you covered on the campaigns that matter the most to you, our platinum terms of service comes with guarantees.


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Dedicated account manager...

When you sign up to our Platinum terms of service each recruitment campaign will have a dedicated consultant to manage your campaign from start to finish.


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Extended rebate period...

For Platinum recruitment campaigns we extend our rebate period from 12 weeks to 12 months, as we know we'll find you the right candidate.



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100% guaranteed retainer...

If we're running a Platinum campaign for you then we'll refund you 100%* of the retained fee if our campaign doesn't result in you hiring one of the candidates we find for you.

*Unless you cancel the role or fill it by other means.

Contact us to discuss a recruitment campaign​​.