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The Aardvark Way

Our nine step process delivers the results you're looking for...

Over 30 years of games industry recruitment experience, distilled into a proven and successful recruitment process called 'The Aardvark Way'.

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Qualify the role

  • Understand the subtleties of the role

  • Find out how the role impacts your studio

  • Get a feel for your studio culture

  • Agree the hiring process

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Communication plan

              • Who to contact

              • When and how often to communicate

              • Preferred method of communication

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Build the candidate profile

  • Identify relevant skill sets

  • Add relevant comparative skills

  • Establish desired project and studio experience

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Deep dive passive talent pool

                • Detailed database search

                • Industry partner database search

                • Network referrals

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Marketing support

  • Social promotion to developer audience

  • Targeted email campaigns

  • LinkedIn job slots

  • Industry platform promotion e.g. MCV, GJD


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Direct candidate search

                • Tailored LinkedIn project

                • Target candidate profile matches

                • Personal candidate approaches

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Suitability screening

  • Create longlist of suitable candidates

  • CV and portfolio review

  • Conduct suitability interviews

  • Understand candidate's motivations and desires


icon showing a list of candidates

Shortlist submission

Refine the candidate list to:

                      • Fit the role

                      • Fit the studio culture

                      • Fit the studio's project

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Talent management

  • Client and candidate liaison

  • Provide client feedback to candidates

  • Negotiate on behalf of client

  • ​Client and candidate post hiring process

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