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The Aardvark Way

Our seven step process delivers the results you're looking for...

Over 30 years of games industry recruitment experience, distilled into a proven and successful recruitment process called 'The Aardvark Way'.

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Qualify The Role

Understand the subtleties of the role

Find out how the role impacts your studio

Get a feel for your studio culture

Agree the hiring process

Icon showing two people talking

Communication Plan

• Who to communicate with

• When and how often to communicate

• Preferred method of communication​

Build Candidate Profile

Identify relevant skill sets

Add relevant comparative skills

Establish desired project and studio experience

Deep Dive Passive Talent Pool

Detailed database search

• Industry partner database search

Network referrals

Direct Candidate Search

Tailored LinkedIn project

Target candidate profile matches

Personal candidate approaches

Icon showing a person highlighted by a magnifying glass with a list next to them

Suitability Screening

Create longlist of suitable candidates

CV and portfolio review

Conduct suitability interviews

Understand candidate's motivations and desires

Icon depicting management of client and candidate relationships

Talent Management

• Client and candidate liaison

Provide client feedback to candidates

• Negotiate on behalf of client

• Client and candidate post hiring process

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