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Looking to create an internship programme or hire an intern?

Through our links with academia, partnerships with educational initiatives like Grads in Games and the efforts of our graduate recruitment team we’re in contact with thousands of UK and European games students each year from Computer Science, Games Design, Games Development, Games Art and Animation courses, who are all interested in internship opportunities.

Thanks to this level of access we’re best placed to connect you with the talented games students who are eager to gain relevant experience and first hand knowledge of life at a studio as they look to improve their employability and start a career in the games industry.

Why offer internships?

  • Interns can make a meaningful impact on projects and also provide you with a fresh perspective

  • Running an internship programme fosters a positive employer brand for your company

  • Internships provide an opportunity for your developers to enhance their personal skills by mentoring

  • You’re able to identify future hiring opportunities

Even if you’re not looking to hire a graduate immediately, providing internships will help with your future hiring plans for when you are in a position to add a graduate to your team.

Our graduate recruitment team can provide you with interns and also promote your intern programme directly to the games students at the top games education institutions in the UK and Europe.

Contact us for help with finding games industry interns.