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Deck13 Interactive is an esteemed game development studio based in Frankfurt, Germany. With a passion for immersive storytelling, captivating gameplay, and striking visuals, they have established themselves through major releases such as The Surge games and Lords of the Fallen.

Founded in 2001, Deck13 has led with an approach to game development that emphasises close collaboration with their players and fans. Through their commitment to excellence, they remain at the forefront of the games development industry, inspiring and entertaining players around the globe.

In 2015, Deck13 took the step to support upcoming Indie developers by establishing publishing label Deck13 Spotlight, paving the way for successful releases such as CrossCode and Wartile.

The studio puts their employees at the core of everything they do, with an ethos of ownership and creative freedom, with the team encouraged to influence the projects they’re working on. Deck13 have creating a working environment that allows their team to feel understood and valued, while also being empowered and supported to do exceptional work.

Deck13 offers perks and benefits to their team that includes remote working, free language courses, career growth and development with a yearly learning and development budget, monthly remote work and gym allowance, and participation in their bonus system after the first shipped project.