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​XR Games are a multi award-winning game development studio that specialises in immersive VR games.

Having won ‘Best small studio’ at the 2021 TIGA awards, their team has grown from the 20 full-time members in 2020, to a large collective with successful projects including Zombieland: Headshot Fever and Angry Birds Under Pressure.

The studio has a history of full-scale development from concept through to submission, working with partners such as Sony Pictures VR, Meta, and Rovio Entertainment. XR Games love a good challenge and aspire to produce their current and future game titles with accessibility, brand identity, and community in mind.

XR Games have also created an initiative named XR Futures, to help young people take their first steps into the games industry with a games programmer apprenticeship and internship programme. The studio works with leading industry talent to harness their potential and put them on the path towards achieving their dream job.

XR Games value a healthy work-life balance and appreciate the working practices that allow their team to flourish, as such, the studio provide financial assistance should you need to relocate to facilitate hybrid working.

They are always on the lookout for like-minded souls to join their passionate and inclusive team based in Leeds. Check out their current roles below!