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#4 - Game Dev Podcast - Sumo Leamington

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In this episode, we speak with Chris Southall and Harinder Sangha of Sumo Leamington. We discuss mobile development, anti-crunch mentalities, and studio autonomy.
Delivering a new angle for the Sumo Digital family, Sumo Leamington was founded back in early 2019 to focus on mobile-based titles. For Southall, opening a mobile studio with Sumo was an opportunity that made perfect sense, because mobile is not something that any of their other studios have an exclusive focus on. Sangha joined Sumo Leamington as employee number two back in March 2019, and has since been working in conjunction with Southall on building the studio from the ground up. Based in Leamington Spa, they’re working on some very exciting projects that are pushing the limits of technology. “There are so many developers in the area, it’s a real positive. It’s quite a collaborative atmosphere. Where appropriate, there is communication between the developers and a really nice community.” Chris and Harinder recount the studio’s journey so far and give an overview of where they are heading.

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