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Attracting Top Talent During Industry Uncertainty

Attracting Top Talent During Industry Uncertainty

​In the wake of widespread redundancies and studio closures, the video game industry faces a unique challenge. How does a studio attract the top talent in a candidate heavy market filled with talen...

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Retaining Talent in Turbulent Times: Strategies for Video Game Studios

Recently, the games industry has faced significant turbulence with studios large and small under economic pressures, resulting in widespread redundancies and in some cases, studio closures. This ha...

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Navigating New Realities Recruitment Solutions Amidst Industry Disruption Banner

Navigating New Realities: Recruitment Solutions Amidst Industry Disruption

The games industry has undergone a significant upheaval in recent months, characterised by widespread redundancies and in some cases studio closures. This wave of layoffs not only destabilised the...

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State Of The Video Games Industry

State of the Video Games Industry

​The last few years have brought with them a huge boom in the video game industry, both in revenue and employment. In the UK’s video game industry alone, full-time employment grew 54%, from 47,73...

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Pros And Cons Of In Studio, Remote And Hybrid Working Banner

Pros & Cons of In-Studio, Hybrid & Remote Working in the Video Games Industry

​For reasons we needn’t mention, “working from home”, “remote roles”, and “hybrid-working” are a group of buzzwords and concepts that have since pushed their way to the front of the queue of public...

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Coming On Board As A Recruiter

Coming on Board as a Recruiter?

​Emerging into the world of recruitment for the first time can feel like taking tentative steps into the lion’s den; seeming like a cutthroat industry where one false step could mean the untimely e...

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How To Appeal To The Best Candidates

How to Appeal to the Best Candidates

​Selling your vacancy to candidates might be incredibly easy. They could be a huge fan of your back catalogue, or excited by a project you have in the works, but what about candidates who have thei...

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How To Find The Perfect Candidate

How to Find the Perfect Candidate

​You’ve written up the job specification and you know exactly what the vacancy is going to entail…now what? Sure, there’s plenty of applicants out there who could probably do the job well enough; b...

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Cv Red Flags To Look Out For

CV Red Flags to Look Out For

​So, you’re recruiting for a vacancy. If you haven’t got an internal recruiter then the task of reviewing applications will probably fall with a senior member of staff or relevant hiring manager. I...

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Brexit And Your Hiring Plans   What You Need To Know

Brexit and Your Hiring Plans

​The 31st of December marked the end of the transition period of Britain’s separation for the European Union, and with it brought a myriad of laws and implications regarding free movement and the h...

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Why Monopolise On Graduate Talent

Why Monopolise on Graduate Talent?

​Graduates are vital to the wellbeing and growth of the games industry, yet it wasn’t that long ago when many studios wouldn’t even consider hiring graduates. Developers would often opt to hire jun...

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Onboarding During Covid 19

Onboarding During COVID-19

Many studios throughout the industry have varied onboarding and hiring processes, but even then, there is a loose industry standard that developers abide by. Working from home conditions have undou...

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Out Of The Box Skills Shortage

Out of the Box Skills Shortages

​Putting people in boxes is something which occurs throughout every sector, and within every discipline. It is no more apparent than in the creative vs technical debate. You’re either good at mathe...

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Covid 19's Effect On Recruitment

COVID-19's Effect on Recruitment

​The video game industry, unlike others, is incredibly adaptable. The agile nature of games studios mean that massive changes in the way the world is now working, thanks to COVID-19, doesn’t have a...

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Influencer Marketing In 2020

Influencer Marketing in 2020

​Influencing shopping habits and purchasing decisions is the core of what retail marketing is all about. Over the last few years, there has been more focus on the role of influencers within marketi...

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