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#6 - Game Dev Podcast - Coatsink

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We speak with Jack Sanderson, PR and Events Manager for Coatsink. We discuss working in the VR space, collaborating with A-list voice talent, and why the Wii U is one of the best consoles to ever come out of Nintendo.
With a history steeped in VR, PC, console, and mobile development, Coatsink is heading into one of its most exciting years yet. This is helped by a plethora of new titles on their roster, including the recently released Get Packed, and the upcoming launches of PHOGS! and Cake Bash. Originally founded in 2009, this Sunderland-based studio has matured into an inspiring development house, fuelled by innovation and a wicked sense of humour. They’re predominantly a developer, with co-development and publishing arms to augment what they can offer. But how did two Teesside University students found such a fantastic studio, and how have they had to alter their marketing plans for their upcoming titles amidst current conditions?

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