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#7 - Game Dev Podcast - Rebellion North

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​On the latest episode of the podcast, we speak with Rebellion North Studio Head, Arden Aspinall, and Senior Producer, Jon Seymour, about growth, going through a successful acquisition, and the importance of asking questions.
“My Dad ran his own business, and so did his Dad, so I never considered working for anyone. In fact, Chris and Jason (Kingsley), who own Rebellion, are actually the first people I have ever worked for,” says Arden. Joining the Rebellion group was an exciting prospect for this Yorkshire-based studio. With a huge amount of technical expertise at their fingertips, they have been supporting other studios across the UK and are now looking to expand. Rebellion’s heads of art, programming, and QA are working closely with them to help them find the right candidates to form a well-balanced team. “The year we were acquired by Rebellion was a record year for us. We did a post-mortem on my original company, before TickTock, of what worked and what didn’t and that set the foundations for a really successful company. When I started talking to Chris and Jason, it became apparent that they shared the same vision I did. The more we talked, the more in common we had. I thought, if you’re going to be part of a bigger group, these are the people to be involved with,” says Aspinall.

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