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#10 - Game Dev Podcast - Tag Games

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We speaks with Tag Games CEO, Marc Williamson, and Head of Production, Carol Clark, to discuss being people-focused, how they’ve found it working remotely, and their impressive studio history.
“The whole industry is facing the same problems together. 2020 has certainly been a crazy year,” suggests Marc. “The games industry, touch wood, is able to survive it better than most, but there’s a little bit of survivor’s guilt, seeing the rest of the economy doing pretty badly whilst games are doing better than ever.” The record-breaking consumption of software, hardware, and accessories relating to the video game industry has definitely been a trend seen not just nationally, but globally. As development teams remain scattered and remote work soldiers on, with the next generation bursting onto the scene, the need to protect the wellbeing of those that work incredibly hard behind the scenes has never been more pertinent. “We’re used to all working together in the same space and we’re just not doing that anymore. The challenge is to keep everyone sane and support the team however we can.”

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