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#12 - Game Dev Podcast - Deep Silver Dambuster Studios

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We speak with Studio Community Manager of Dambuster Studios, Toby Gallagher, in the latest episode of the podcast! Toby discusses what it was like joining the studio just two weeks before lockdown, how impressed he’s been with the culture, and what it takes to become a Community Manager within a games developer.
As a relatively new addition to the Dambuster family, Toby saw his role as a natural progression to his previous marketing experience. It has allowed him to continue to be creative, and he’s been impressed by the dedication on display from the rest of the team. “Having worked in other content roles, I’ve had to literally chase people around the office, with the people I need the knowledge from actively avoiding me,” Toby says with a smile. “At Dambuster, people come to me with ideas. I know passion is a word that gets thrown around, but I think they’re that passionate and proud about what they are doing, that any avenue to talk about it they want to jump on.”

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