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#18 - Game Dev Podcast - nDreams

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​Aardvark Swift sat down with Internal Recruiter Katie Mcfetridge, and Gameplay and Narrative Designer Adam Comrie to discuss nDreams’ position on the forefront of VR innovation, studio expansion, and their unique employee wellness initiatives. 
They’re a studio with huge ambition; a cornerstone of their culture since the company’s inception 15 years ago and is reflected in their name. “nDreams started in a one-man room back in 2006, and with the recent studio renovation, it’s amazing to see just how much the studio has evolved in such a short period of time. CEO Patrick O’Luanaigh had lots of ideas, projects, and directions that he wanted to take the company. In maths, “n” can represent any number between zero and infinity – so nDreams is like saying there’s no limit to the studio’s ambition – we can go anywhere with this” says Katie.
Their studio renovation came during lockdown, while the entirety of their staff worked from home. They’ve since been welcomed back to a working environment tailored to parallel nDreams’ staff-wellness and hybrid working initiatives. “We’ve got loads of new facilities; top-of-the-range meeting and board rooms, all with video conferencing integration to accommodate the new hybrid flexibility in our working. We’ve also got lots of cool break out rooms, informal creative rooms and even a wellness room” Katie mentions. “The company culture at nDreams is really forward thinking – I think one of our biggest things is that we really care about learning and personal development and having that good work/life balance and mental wellness. We strive to be really inclusive with everything we do and everything we push outwardly”.

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