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Fireside Chat with Phil Owen | d3t & Coconut Lizard

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Join us for an exclusive interview with Phil Owen, Head of Engineering at d3t & Coconut Lizard, as we delve into his fascinating career journey and gain insights into the ever-evolving games industry. Phil shares his experiences and expertise on a variety of topics:

Career Background: Discover how Phil got his start in the games industry and the path that led him to d3t.

Industry Evolution: Compare the challenges and opportunities of breaking into the games industry in the 1980s/90s versus today.

Growth at d3t: Learn about the key factors that have enabled d3t's remarkable growth.

Industry Layoffs: Phil's take on the current layoffs in the games industry and how d3t has been impacted.

Job Seeking Tips: Essential advice for aspiring programming professionals looking to make their mark.

Remote Working: Explore d3t's approach to remote working and how they maintain productivity and team cohesion.

Future of d3t: Get a glimpse into what's next for d3t and their exciting plans for the future.

Whether you're an industry veteran or a newcomer, this interview is packed with valuable insights and practical tips. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the industry's leading professionals!