Chief Happiness Officer

​Hi! I’m the tail-wagging, fun-loving furry member of the team. When I’m not playing fetch or napping in sunny spots, I’m sniffing out the best talents in the gaming world. With a nose for play and paws for action, I bring joy and energy to our team. Whether it’s greeting everyone with a happy bark or keeping morale high, I'm always here to add a bit of fun to our workday.

When did you start playing games?/Why do you love playing games?
I started playing games as soon as I could wiggle my little puppy tail! I think I love games because they're just like a big, exciting sniff around the park—there's always something new to discover, and I get to meet all sorts of fun characters (squirrels are the hardest to catch, though!). Plus, games keep my mind sharp and my paws quick!

Favorite Game/Series
My favourite game? Oh, it has to be "Fetch: The Ultimate Adventure!" I could chase that ball all day long. It's thrilling, fast-paced, and let's not forget the joy of bringing the prize back—it's quite rewarding! I also enjoy a good puzzle or maze game, something that really gets my nose working.

What’s your career background & how did you get into games recruitment?
Well, I started my career in security—yard patrol, specifically. I was quite good at alerting the team to any intruders (like those sneaky mail deliverers). But then I realized I had a knack for sniffing out talent and a deep love for games. One day, I just decided to combine my passions and jumped into games recruitment. Now, I help connect other fun-loving, talented pups and people with opportunities to create and enjoy games. It's like finding the perfect stick—it's got to be just the right fit!

What’s your favourite place you’ve ever visited?
My favourite place has to be the beach! The sand between my paws, the endless sticks washed up by the waves, and oh, the seagulls I can chase! It’s like a buffet of fun, sun, and surf. I always leave with sandy fur and a happy heart.

What are three items you’d take with you to a deserted island and why?
A Frisbee - because playing fetch by myself keeps me active and happy.

An endless bag of treats - a pup’s gotta eat, and I need to keep my energy up for all the island exploring!

A comfy blanket - for those chilly nights under the stars, plus it smells like home.

What job would you be terrible at?
Oh, I’d be absolutely terrible at being a cat herder. Those mysterious creatures do not play by the rules of fetch, and they certainly don’t listen to barks. It would be chaos!

Best condiment ever invented?
The best condiment has to be peanut butter! It’s paw-licking good on everything, and it keeps my tongue busy for ages. But I’ve heard some humans argue about mayonnaise or mustard—silly humans, it’s definitely peanut butter!