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Managed Insourcing

Don’t outsource your product vision... an in-house team with a plug n' play solution

Sibyl Teams makes it cost-effective and simple to open your own studio with the best talent from one of the top emergent game development locations.

The Sibyl Teams Mission...

Sibyl Teams empowers games studios to tap into Vietnam's expansive and cost-effective pool of game development talent. Sibyl Teams strip away all of the complexity from setting up your own overseas offices through their full-stack services.

  • Building Your Team
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    Sibyl Teams sources and screens Vietnam’s top talent game dev talent to your specifications, and in line with your culture and values, including any relevant Art or Programming tests.

    You make the final hiring decisions, giving you total control with non of the ground work.

  • Your Studio
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    Your new team will be hired as full-time employees with a full pension, bonuses and insurance all included in the price per team member.

    Your team will enjoy a great city-centre studio location in a modern and managed building, with scenic views, arranged, rented and managed by Sibyl Teams.

  • Legal & Taxation
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    Sibyl Teams maintain a fully compliant legal entity and handle all the relevant and required taxes.

    Providing you with total peace of mind, and the simplicity of single monthly bill from a trusted partner.

  • Operations
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    Sibyl Teams handle all day to day local operations in HR, Finance, IT, Legal etc.

    Leaving you and your new team to focus solely on building great assets and games your player base will love.

Advantages of Managed Insourcing with Sibyl Teams...

  • Up to 67% more cost-effective than Europe.

  • Ho Chi Minh City has a large and growing word-class technical and creative talent pool.

  • The team assembled is your team, insourcing rather than outsourcing means your staff, working to your standards and immersed in your culture.

  • You manage the team's work, without having to worry about back-office services or support.

  • Build for the long-term; contracts include transfer options to go direct.

  • You'll be working with a trusted partner in Sibyl Teams, contract directly with their Singapore Global HQ.

team picture of Trailblazer Games
team picture of Trailblazer Games
team picture of Trailblazer Games
team picture of Trailblazer Games

​​Client Testimonials

image of arcadeXR CEO Shannon Perell

arcadeXR - CEO - Shannon Perell

“I am delighted to share my experience partnering with Sibyl to build our new team in Vietnam. From the very beginning, the Sibyl team has been incredibly supportive, providing the guidance and expertise that's been critical to the successful launch of our new studio.

Their professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence is evident in everything they do. They have gone above and beyond to ensure that our partnership is a success, and I am grateful for their hard work and dedication.

I highly recommend Sibyl to anyone looking to expand their team into Vietnam.”

image of Trailblazer Games Art Director Peter Söderbaum

Trailblazer Games - Art Director - Peter Söderbaum

"I would gladly recommend Sibyl for anyone looking to start or grow a team in Vietnam. They have been incredibly attentive to our needs and helped us assemble a high performing art department in record time.

They expertly navigated the local business landscape to ensure we had everything we needed, finding great talent for us and providing expert guidance and support along the way.

The whole process was smooth and enjoyable and I would recommend Sibyl in a heartbeat for anyone looking to tap into the amazing talent pool in Vietnam and create an amazing team at a fraction of the cost."


The vision behind Sibyl Teams​

image of Sibyl teams CEO Theo Sanders

CEO - Theo Sanders

Theo is a veteran of the games industry, having worked at Razor, Blizzard and Ubisoft through their periods of rapid growth and key projects like World of Warcraft, before transitioning into senior management roles in the Technology and Entertainment Industries providing strategy, consulting and managed insourced solutions.


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The Aardvark Swift story so far...

  • Birth of Aardvark Swift
  • UK Wide Expansion
  • Games Publishing Desk Established
  • Management Buyout
  • Expansion Into Europe
  • Expansion Into North Amercia
  • Graduate Recruitment Service Launched
  • Grads in Games Founded
  • Senior Management Team Formed
  • Game Dev Heroes Founded
  • Aardvark Swift Mission Launched
  • Management Buyout
  • 1989

    Birth of Aardvark Swift

    Aardvark Swift was created to serve the founding companies of the UK games development industry, working closely with studios like Gremlin Graphics, Codemasters, and DMA Design.

  • 1993

    UK Wide Expansion

    As the UK games industry flourished we expanded our range of operations from the North and Midlands to the whole of the UK.

  • 2000

    Games Publishing Desk Established

    The turn of the millennium saw us extend our capabilities further by creating a specialist desk to work with games publishers on non development roles. The establishment of the publishing desk also saw the arrival of Ian Goodall, future MD.

  • 2005

    Management Buyout

    Future MD Ian Goodall led a management buyout to bring in a new investment and growth. The young team of Directors ran their own recruitment desks while developing new trainee team members. Hard work and dedication established a firm foundation for the business in the years ahead.

  • 2006

    Expansion Into Europe

    As the games industry continued to grow so did Aardvark Swift. 2006 saw us expand our horizon from being a primarily UK focused business to include the rest of Europe, establishing relationships with games studios and publishers throughout the continent.

  • 2008

    Expansion Into North Amercia

    In 2008 we began to work with studios and developers in North America, expanding the territories we operated in, providing clients with more hiring options and individual game devs with a wider choice of potential employers.

  • 2009

    Graduate Recruitment Service Launched

    2009 saw us establish a Graduate team working on graduate and junior games industry roles and helping games grads with CV and portfolio advice. Over the years this team would see their work evolve, supporting games students before graduation with workshops on portfolio building and CV advice.

  • 2014

    Grads in Games Founded

    We're passionate about ensuring the games industry has a healthy pipeline of talented grads. This led to the foundation of Grads in Games; improving links between the games industry and education, providing more opportunities for games students to develop and present their skills to the industry.

  • 2017

    Senior Management Team Formed

    Forming a Senior Management Team allowed us to operate on a more strategic level and provided a framework for regular planning and review of operational activity in line with business goals. Since it's inception we've reacted better to changes in the industry and enjoyed year on year growth.

  • 2018

    Game Dev Heroes Founded

    As a founding partner of Game Dev Heroes, we look forward to annually celebrating the achievements of individuals throughout the industry. Recognising the contributions of the industry's unsung heroes, from brilliant dev's and resourceful support staff, to inspiring management and positive role models.

  • 2020

    Aardvark Swift Mission Launched

    We took the opportunity during the 2020 summer lockdown to plan the future of the business, deciding what type of company we wanted to create for our team. This become known as The Aardvark Swift Mission, we've made big changes and we're working to a rolling three year plan to ensure we keep evolving.

  • 2022

    Management Buyout

    ​Following sustained success and growth Ian Goodall increased the shareholding of Recruitment Director, Simon Hope and brought Operations Manager, Glenn Spenceley and Recruitment Lead, Chris Mellor on to the board of Directors following significant contributions to our success.

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