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Core Values (Old)

We have five core values that have been drawn from the Aardvark story.

They are the traits that, over the years, have allowed the business to grow, flourish, and adapt.

Our core values sit front and centre in the business and are intrinsic to how we operate both internally and externally.


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Icon of a trixel
Icon of a trixel

Icon of a trixel
“Hard workers who give everything their best shot.”
“Be accountable, take ownership and have the discipline to produce results.”
“Adaptable, not fazed by challenges, find solutions.”
“Positive team players who are excited about how they can influence the team and business.”
The business has been built on the back of graft and dedication, with the work put in building a firm foundation for future success.
We succeed when the team is prepared to rise to the challenge and consistently deliver results, providing a platform for continued growth.
To prevail we’ve adapted our methods, services and approaches to recruitment, evolving to overcome commercial challenges.
The team is strongest when we’re positive and help others as well as ourselves to succeed; when the team prospers the business prospers.