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Partner Marketing Support

At Aardvark Swift we promote your roles and your studio.

Employer branding plays a key part in modern recruitment, which is why we provide clients of all sizes with additional support.

We'll provide your studio with a range of marketing activity conducted by our in-house marketing team, all designed to boost the promotion of your roles and your employer brand to the people you want to hire, game developers.

We’re able to leverage our audience of developers via the Aardvark Swift social channels, consultant networks and website to boost the visibility of the roles we're working on your behalf and your studio employer brand.

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Vacancy Promotion

Our audience is game developers, exactly the type of people you want your studio and vacancies to be in front of.

With over 14,000 followers across our social channels, and a database of 30,000 game developers around the world our reach is strong, and growing.​

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Email Marketing

We run weekly campaigns promoting the roles we're working to targeted sections of our database of game developers.

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Social Promotion

We promote the roles we're working across our social channels to an audience of over 14,000 game developers.

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Industry Job Board

The vacancies we work receive additional promotion on the games industry's leading job board, ensuring your roles are seen by an even wider audience of game developers.

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Employer Branding

​We boost the employer brand of your studio as part of our gold and platinum service levels, highlighting why game devs should work at your studio. We're also able to promote your own internal employer branding content across our channels.

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Dedicated Studio Page

​​Your very own studio page on our website to build and promote your employer brand, this page will show all the roles we're currently working on your behalf, and can also include information on studio history, culture, projects and more. We can also include imagery and video content to further support your employer brand.

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Why Work At...

We support you with employer brand videos that are promoted across our social channels. Showing project footage, promoting the perks and benefits of your studio as well as the current open roles we're working on your behalf.

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Additional Support

We can build in a range of other activities to support your campaigns, these are in addition to our standard service levels and as such cost a little extra.

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Solus Email Campaign

​​Dedicated studio specific email campaign promoting your studio and available roles to targeted sections of our candidate database.

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Social Prominence

​​Increased prominence in social scheduling, we’ll increase the circulation of your social vacancy posts to three times a week.

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Social Takeover

A full day of posts across our channels about your studio. Promoting your culture, studio life, interspersed with your vacancies.

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Paid Social Campaign

Boosted posts across all our social channels.

Duration: 1 week

Reach: 100,000 impressions

Contact us to discuss additional marketing support​​.