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Partner Marketing Support

​We can provide your studio with a range of additional marketing activity conducted by our in-house marketing team, all designed to boost your employer brand to the people you want to hire – game devs.

We’re able to leverage our audience of developers via our social channels, consultant networks, website and games industry media partnerships to boost your studio employer brand to a wide industry audience.

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Social Advertising

Our audience is game developers, exactly the type of people you want your studio and vacancies to be in front of. With over 14k followers across our social channels, our reach is pretty impressive, and it’s still growing.

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Social Prominence

​​Increased prominence in social scheduling, we’ll increase the circulation of your social vacancy posts to three times a week.

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Social Takeover

A full day of posts across our channels about your studio. Promoting your culture, studio life, interspersed with your vacancies.

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Paid Social Campaign

Boosted posts across all our social channels.
Duration: 1 week
Reach: 100,000 impressions

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Our audience is game developers, exactly the type of people you want your studio and vacancies to be in front of. With over 14k followers across our social channels, our reach is pretty impressive, and it’s still growing.

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​​Recorded with your studio, giving you a platform to promote your employer brand, discussing studio life, working culture, projects and your plans for the future.

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Supporting Social Promotion

We promote supporting snippets across our social platforms raising awareness of your studio’s podcast episode to our 14,000+ industry followers.

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Dynamic Reach

Hosted on aswift.com, Spotify, apple podcasts and third party apps.

Promoted via email and social campaigns.


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Industry Promotion

Your studio will feature prominently with our industry media partner MCV/Develop.

Print readership 5,000+, monthly website users 100,000+, email newsletter subscribers 8,000+.

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MCV/Develop Magazine

Full page in MCV/Develop magazine as the focus of the ‘Swift Studio Spotlight’ derived from your podcast episode. Supporting imagery to be supplied by your studio.

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MCV/Develop Website

The ‘Swift Studio Spotlight’ article will also appear on the MCV/Develop website, increasing readership and further boosting visibility and insight into your studio.

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MCV/Develop Newsletter

‘Swift Studio Spotlight’ article features prominently in the MCV/Develop daily newsletter for a minimum of two weeks after publication in the magazine.

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Games Jobs Direct - 'Hot Job' Feature

Your vacancy will feature as a promoted ‘Hot Job’ for up to four weeks on the leading games industry job board, Games Jobs Direct.


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MCV/Develop - 'Job of the Week'

We’ll feature your vacancy as ‘Job of the Week’ in the MCV/Develop jobs section.


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Vacancy Promotion

To improve the reach of your vacancies we create you dedicated email campaigns and vacancy videos. We can also promote your own employer branding video content or create content with you.

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Solus Email Campaign

​​Dedicated studio specific email campaign promoting your studio and available roles to targeted sections of our candidate database.

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Vacancy Videos

Video content gains more traction, we typically see uplifts of between 400% to 500% for the vacancy videos we create and promote across our social channels and consultant networks.

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Why Work At...

We’ll promote your in-house created video content across our social channels to further boost your employer branding to our audience of game developers.

We can also create employer branding video content in conjunction with you.


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We’ll give potential candidates the low down on your studio with a dedicated studio page on our website, or a studio spotlight blog post.

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Dedicated Studio Page

​​We’ll create a page for your studio spotlight, imagery, video and your vacancies whilst the roles are ‘exclusive’ to Aardvark Swift.

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Studio Spotlight

‘Studio Spotlight’ blog post on aswift.com – will also be included on your dedicated studio page (if relevant).

Contact us to discuss a recruitment campaign​​.