Chris Mellor

Director & Principal Recruiter - Commercial

Just a loveable guy who loves being a dad & the best husband ever! I am a huge CrossFit fan – I love good food and a good old thriller movie! I’m a competitive person, an absolute sports fanatic (which you’ve probably guessed) and I love a challenge. I’ve done a lot of sport-related charity work too!

When did you start playing games?
I started playing games when I was in my teens. Before that I was out playing tiggy, curby and love a good hedge hop. I love playing them now because I have to! I work in the industry so I kind of need to know what I am talking about.

What's your favourite game series?

What's your career background?
I was a footballer at YTS level but when I was released from my contract, I decided to go into the fitness industry and become a personal trainer. I built my own clothing business alongside this and due to the success of this I knew I was a people person, so I decided to dive in to something completely different. I applied to a vacancy with Aardvark Swift and 8 years later I now own part of the business!

Have you ever met anyone famous?
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Got any favourite quotes?
The art of a good business is being a good middleman

What's the best advice you've ever heard?
Nothing comes easy. Work hard and stay humble, success will be your noise (from my Dad)

Who's your favourite football team?
Sheffield United

What job would you be terrible at?