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The type of roles our Commercial team work include:
Business Development
Content Creation
Digital Marketing
Growth & Development
Product Management
Social Media
You can also reach out to us directly if there's a specific role or type of project you're looking for.
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    ​It really doesn’t matter where you are, Athina is a perfect example of how the perfect job can find you! Our Commercial team was looking for candidates who matched the precise skillset that Ubisoft were looking for. Athina ticked all of the boxes, and when we reached out to her she was travelling across Australia at the time! This is her first role within the games industry and she’s doing great.

    Athina Hachenberg
    Athina Hachenberg German Player Support Agent
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    ​Build a Rocket Boy were looking for someone to head up internal recruitment. This was a key hire for them and was pivotal for the growth of their studio. Antonio was a Senior Recruiter at Epic Games, looking to progress his career. This role was a perfect fit for him and he’s been leading the charge of studio development at Build a Rocket Boy ever since!

    Antonio Papa
    Antonio Papa Head of Talent Acquisition
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    ​Femi saw our post on social media about our commitment to the BLM movement, offering free CV, portfolio, and career advice to black communities. I had a good chat with him to find out what type of role he was looking for. I discussed his situation with the Founder of Airship Images and it was a perfect fit! I introduced them both and now he’s working in his first role within video games!

    Femi Boye
    Femi Boye Marketing & Engagement Manager

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Chris Mellor

Chris Mellor

Director & Principal Recruiter - Commercial