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The roles our Production team work cover the following areas:
Development Management
Live Operations
Operations Management
Product Management
Project Management
Release Management

You can also reach out to us directly if there's a specific role or type of project you're looking for.
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    ​Solal was working at Jagex as a Product Manager, but as a French national he had his eyes set on Canada. We worked together to make his dream a reality, eventually landing a role within Gameloft in Montreal. He’s still working in the same role, but now he’s emigrated and living in the country he wants to be in.

    Solal Le Gall
    Solal Le Gall Product Manager
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    ​Laura had taken a break from the tech industry and was looking for a route back in so her skills could be ultilised in an environment she was passionate about. After speaking with us, we managed to ensure that Hadean recognised her potential. She’s now their Program Manager, an exciting role as Hadean design the cloud computing systems of the future.

    Laura Nigri
    Laura Nigri Program Manager

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