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Game Dev Podcast   Antstream Arcade

#21 - Game Dev Podcast - Antstream

​This episode of the Game Dev Podcast with Aardvark Swift sees us host Mike Rouse, Studio Head at Antstream to talk about their cloud-based retro games platform and team that Antstream are building...

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Interview Questions To Ask

Interview Questions to Ask

“Do you have any questions for us?” What you should consider when facing the final interview question​If you’ve ever interviewed for a job, be it inside or outside the videogames industry, you’ll l...

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Aardvark Asks Website Banner   Electric Noir

#5 - Aardvark Asks - Electric Noir - Nihal Tharoor

Aardvark Swift speaks to Nihal Tharoor, CEO & Co-Founder at Electric Noir, about establishing a start-up and finding his feet in the video games industry.​​If your studio would like to feature on t...

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