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Game Dev Podcast   Nequinox Studios

#19 - Game Dev Podcast - Nequinox

​This episode of the Game Dev Podcast with Aardvark Swift see’s us host Matt Knott, Development Director at Nequinox Studios to talk about their growth as a co-development studio, past projects, th...

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Aardvark Asks Website Banner   N Dreams Banner

#3 - Aardvark Asks - nDreams - Adam Comrie

​Aardvark Swift speaks to Adam Comrie, Gameplay/Narrative Designer at nDreams, about his beginnings and journey through the video games industry.​​If your studio would like to feature on the Aardva...

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Cv Writing Tips

CV Writing Tips

​As you’d expect, collectively we see and review hundreds of CVs each week. To help you get your job search off to the best possible start a well crafted and presented CV is key.We spoke to our rec...

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How To Find The Perfect Candidate

How to Find the Perfect Candidate

​You’ve written up the job specification and you know exactly what the vacancy is going to entail…now what? Sure, there’s plenty of applicants out there who could probably do the job well enough; b...

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