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#9 - Aardvark Asks - Blackbird Interactive - Rory McGuire

This week, Aardvark Swift chats to CCO Rory McGuire to talk about his journey so far at Blackbird Interactive, what came before, and the lessons he’s learned throughout his time in the industry.​ “...

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#24 - Game Dev Podcast - Blackbird Interactive

​Aardvark Swift sat down with Blackbird Interactive’s HR Director Pam Lee, CTO Yggy King, and CCO Rory McGuire to take a deep dive into the studio's industry-leading culture and initiatives, projec...

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State Of The Video Games Industry

State of the Video Games Industry

​The last few years have brought with them a huge boom in the video game industry, both in revenue and employment. In the UK’s video game industry alone, full-time employment grew 54%, from 47,73...

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