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Game Dev Podcast   N Dreams

#18 - Game Dev Podcast - nDreams

​Aardvark Swift sat down with Internal Recruiter Katie Mcfetridge, and Gameplay and Narrative Designer Adam Comrie to discuss nDreams’ position on the forefront of VR innovation, studio expansion, ...

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Aardvark Asks Website Banner   Airship Interactive

#2 - Aardvark Asks - Airship Images - Joseph Harford

​Aardvark Swift speaks to Joseph Harford, Founder and CEO at Airship Images, about his beginnings and journey through the video games industry.​​If your studio would like to feature on the Aardvark...

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Building A Portfolio

Building a Portfolio

​A good portfolio is as essential as a good CV. It can make or break a job offer. We’ve investigated the things to do, and the things to avoid, with industry professionals to give you an edge over ...

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Cv Red Flags To Look Out For

CV Red Flags to Look Out For

​So, you’re recruiting for a vacancy. If you haven’t got an internal recruiter then the task of reviewing applications will probably fall with a senior member of staff or relevant hiring manager. I...

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Game Dev Podcast   Airship Interactive

#17 - Game Dev Podcast - Airship Interactive

​As an external art vender, Airship Images have been a crucial cog in the workings of a huge portion of AAA titles available in recent years, including Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, Spiderman: Mile...

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