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Game Dev Podcast   Electric Noir

#20 - Game Dev Podcast - Electric Noir

​This episode of the Game Dev Podcast with Aardvark Swift sees us host Nihal Tharoor, CEO & Co-Founder at Electric Noir to talk about the state of interactive media, developing a platform for inter...

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Why Use A Recruitment Agency

Why Use a Recruitment Agency

​Of course, we’re a little biased on this subject, but with over three decades of experience in recruiting for the games industry, we know the benefits of having a recruitment agency on your side w...

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How To Appeal To The Best Candidates

How to Appeal to the Best Candidates

​Selling your vacancy to candidates might be incredibly easy. They could be a huge fan of your back catalogue, or excited by a project you have in the works, but what about candidates who have thei...

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Aardvark Asks Website Banner   Nequinox Studios Banner

#4 - Aardvark Asks - Nequinox - Matt Knott

​Aardvark Swift speaks to Matt Knott, Development Director at Nequinox Studios, about his beginnings and journey through the video games industry.​​If your studio would like to feature on the Aardv...

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