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Game Dev Podcast   Warp Digital

#22 - Game Dev Podcast - Warp Digital

​This episode of the Game Dev Podcast with Aardvark Swift sees us host Piers Duplock, Senior Producer at Warp Digital to talk about their involvement in the boom in the co-development sector. We al...

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Be Mindful Of Your Digital Footprint

Be Mindful of Your Digital Footprint

​A lot of effort is put into making sure a CV or portfolio is as good as it can be, but what about your online presence?With social media now regularly considered during the application process, it...

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Aardvark Asks Website Banner   Antstream

#6 - Aardvark Asks - Antstream - Mike Rouse

​Aardvark Swift speaks to Mike Rouse, Studio Head at Antstream about jumping from different roles in the industry, working in studios of different sizes and the position of retro gaming in modern A...

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